Pinball Playfield LED Lighting

For enhanced general illumination and dazzling effects.

Why should every pinball in your collection have Pin Stadium Lights?

The collector's choice in premium pinball lighting

Welcome to the future of lighting for your pinball machine.  Pin Stadium lights brighten the entire playfield and add dramatic flasher effects to your pinball machine.  They provide seemless integration for your pinball machine in less than 10 minutes while maintaining that factory look.  Your game no longer needs to be left in the dark and these work on any pinball machine thanks to our quality engineered game specific kits.  Whether you are a purist wanting a litte more natural looking light or a modder wanting to blow away everyone that plays your game.  You dial them in with the app to exactly what you want.

We have worked to bring you the absolute best lighting features for your pinball machines. We know this because we are our first customer - installing and refining these pinball lighting features on our home pinball machine collection. We love the game of pinball and care deeply about high quality lighting and effects for our machines.  You have to see it to believe it!!  
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A revolution in LED lighting for your pinball is finally here!


"Snap in" Magna-Mount for EASY installation and removal when playfield needs raised for service.  No tools required!  

App Control

Fully customizable color combinations along with organizing your entire collection.  Works with iPhone/Android device and Wi-Fi.   Also compatible with Amazon Echo too!  "Alexa turn on my Pin Stadium Lights"


App controlled GI lighting to any color you like.  We aren't just talking RGB, our lights have white lights embedded in between for every shade and brightness level possible


Maintain that factory original look.  Our sleek awning system design hides the direct light source thus eliminating eye strain and distractions     

Flasher Integration

Our flashers LED's are mounted underneath and right next to the GI lights on our kit.  Integration works with any pinball new and old.  Experience dramatic effects while playing!!   

GI Integration

Brightens up the playfield dramatically and helps to eliminate shadows and dark areas.  Our lights also sync with the pinball machine for one amazing light show.

Pinball Blade/Art

Works with playfield side art, pinball blades, mirror blades, etc.


Full Coverage Lighting

No more dark spots or multi mount spotlight kits. 


Best Show In Town!

Gives your pinball playfield the best look and playing experience that you've ever seen.  Reduce or eliminate glass glare with our kits also!