Pin Stadium Lighting

We want only the best for our machines and yours

Pin Stadium Lights were formed from a simple idea to create a pinball LED lighting solution for our collection- one that did everything on the wishlist when it came to enhancing the experience of an already awesome machine. 

The first inspiration for this project was a mint condition (HUO) Stern Lord of the Rings 2003.  This game already had been retrofitted by the previous owner with a complete LED kit for the inserts and GI.  However, it still had many large dark sections, thus leaving a lot of room for improvement.  The LED inserts were bright but the common problem today with this is that it creates more contrast with the darker surround playfield that it makes it very difficult to see the ball.  Spotlight installations didn't work either, as it just made the areas where they didn't shine seem even darker.  Also they are very time consuming to install and are visual eye sores with physical interferences during game play (i.e. they block sections of the playfield and ball hang-ups).  Our goal was to brighten up the general illumination (GI), and create an interactive experience that integrated with Balrog during battle mode.

Next came the biggest challenge-- to create a mounting design that was discreet with a factory appearance that did not require any permanent modification to the pinball machine.  After test driving the newly mounted lights for several months, we realized the design still needed some fine tuning.  One aspect we craved was to provide better quality general illumination (GI) to the playfield in addition to the enhancing flashers.  So, we integrated a bi-level lighting system.  This combination brought light to once dark areas, reduced shadows from other pinball LED lighting mods such as spotlights, and prevented that tormenting glare or reflection on the DMD and back glass. 

The quality of light was our next focus for area of major improvement.  After trying several over the counter LED lights, led strips, bulbs, and mirrored housings we found nothing suitable or of any lasting quality.  All major components of our kit are custom designed by us and made specifically for Pin Stadium.  Not a cheap thing to do, but once you see them in person it will be very clear why we went the extra mile!  The pinball machine needed better white GI lighting that the RGB could not provide by itself.  For those who are familiar with what "white" means when it comes to RGB lighting, it means that each of the red, green, and blue LED lights come on at the same time to create a "simulated" white look.  The quality of this type of light is dim and sub-par, similar to a washed out faded rainbow color.  As a result we integrated RGB and white lighting that allows for separate independent control of each along with brightness control for each of them in the Pin Stadium app from 0-100%.  This gives limitless possibilities to the levels of brightness and color spectrum far beyond what was  possible with other pinball RGB LED lighting.  As many pinball collectors know, playing with color choices is an individual preference and is specific to each different pinball playfield.   So if you want just little light and an eerie look you are covered and if you want to give the most amount of light possible you can do that too.

Our predefined out of box settings are designed to satisfy but we encourage you to explore and customize your own colors and patterns.  You can unleash the power with our app available for both the iPhone and Android.  So for example you could have the multi-colored GI dialed in to a specific color and set to 80% brightness while the white is set to 65%.  Even better is that we custom design our LED PCB board and LED's chips for the ultimate reliability, color quality, light throw angles, and over all performance.  Every single LED in our system is custom made specifically for the Pin Stadium and our lighting system.

Take a look at our Before and After gallery to see the results yourself.  Bottom line is that this is a game changer for your pinball collection.  Be sure to check out the video reviews above and below! 


Game changing LED lights for your pinball machine

It is quite the experience to see them in person!